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      Current Season: Winter 2015



Lesson 1: The Purpose of Pentecost      
Lesson 2: The Day of Pentecost  
Lesson 3: God's Greatest Gift  
Lesson 4: The Preaching of Pentecost  
Lesson 5: The Pattern of Pentecost  
Lesson 6: The Pentecostal Revival in Jerusalem  
Lesson 7: Paying the Price of Revival
Lesson 8: The Pentecostal Revival In Samaria and Beyond    
Lesson 9: The Pentecostal Revival In Judea and the Ends of the Earth    
Lesson 10: The Spread of Pentecost    
Lesson 11: The Gentiles of Pentecost        
Lesson 12: The Spread of Pentecost Continued        
Lesson 13: The Spread of Pentecost to the Uttermost      












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